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Baby Bath Bed

Baby Bath Bed

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Ensure your little one's bath time is safe and comfortable with our delightful Baby Bath Bed. This bath support features a secure three-way buckle seat belt to firmly hold the pad in place, safeguarding your baby during their splash time. Crafted from skin-friendly materials including a cosy nest mesh cloth and styrofoam particles, it provides a snug and secure feeling reminiscent of a mother's embrace to keep infants content and calm.

The bed is engineered with EPS foam plastic boasting a closed-cell structure that encapsulates air, delivering outstanding buoyancy, meaning your baby stays afloat without sinking. Its gentle, no-angular design cradles your baby softly, while the array of charming colours like blue, pink, and orange with a spotty pattern adds a cheerful touch to their bathing routine.

Lightweight at just 0.33kg, this baby bath bed is designed to make bath time a breeze.

Baby Bath Bed - MAMTASTIC Baby Bath Bed - MAMTASTIC Baby Bath Bed - MAMTASTIC Baby Bath Bed - MAMTASTIC Baby Bath Bed - MAMTASTIC

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