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Silicone Bear Teething Ring

Silicone Bear Teething Ring

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Discover the charming Silicone Bear Teething Ring, expertly crafted to support your little one during their teething phase. This delightful accessory, available in soft shades of pink, grey, and brown, provides a soothing experience for your baby. Weighing a mere 30.8 grams and ideal for infants over three months, the teething ring offers multiple benefits:

  • Gently alleviates gum discomfort and itchiness associated with teething.
  • Massages and strengthens the gums, encouraging the timely emergence of milk teeth.
  • Supports proper jaw development and sets the stage for healthy adult teeth.
  • Improves your baby's sucking and biting capabilities, boosting oral motor skills.
  • Enhances mouth and hand coordination.
  • Stimulates your baby's sensory development, including discernment of softness and color, which may contribute to cognitive growth.
  • Provides emotional comfort and a sense of security to your baby.
Silicone Bear Teething Ring - MAMTASTIC Silicone Bear Teething Ring - MAMTASTIC Silicone Bear Teething Ring - MAMTASTIC

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